The practical workbook of phonics


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Note to Parents and Teachers

Word recognition is a fundamental reading skill. If a child is to read effectively for meaning, he must recognize words quickly and accurately. He must therefore learn to use many techniques for attacking new words.

In this workbook, the auditory perception of letter sounds is stressed. This is highly important, for the child must be able to hear sounds wherever they fall in a word. A poem introducing each two-page unit may be considered as phonics readiness for that unit. It has been selected for special appeal and interest, as well as for certain recurring sounds. The sound emphasized is indicated by letters adjoining the illustration.

Directions for the various exercises should be read aloud by the supervising adult. The child must understand clearly what is to be done in each exercise. He may then carry out each exercise independently. Learning is reinforced tbrough kinesthetic (writing) activities.

The activities in the last exercise of each unit are applications of what the child has learned. They give brief indications of the child’s progress in different word recognition skills. Such work should be done under adult guidance.