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I have known Julia for over 11 years. I met her only months after I moved to Ukraine. I was instantly impressed with her and as the years flew by I grew to respect her even more. Today I not only can say that she is a valued colleague in the teaching field, but a dear friend. My life, professionally and personally, has been touched deeply by my friendship with her. Julia has encouraged me in so many ways I can’t even begin to list them and she has always supported me at a moment’s notice, going above and beyond.

I am constantly amazed at Julia’s work ethic, her desire to help people learn a language, her creativity in teaching, her dedication, and her energy in accomplishing so much. I have really enjoyed the times I have taught beside Julia at the Kiev University of Culture and Arts and at her language school in Vinnitsa, Polyglot. I am honored with the many opportunities she has given me to share my knowledge and insight with the many students in different classes and at a variety of events.
This book has grown out of her teaching experiences as well as mine, more specifically from the media classes taught at the university. This book is filled with many examples of how to teach media, in English, to young adult students but it could easily be adapted to professionals or even teenagers. It presents the media information through a number of different teaching methods as well as including a wide variety of resources. It is a great resource for an English teacher and I hope through our efforts that many students learn more about English in the media field.

It is a privilege to write the preface for this book. I hope this book encourages you and motivates you to become a better teacher or student, but a better person as well.

I look forward to the many years to come in our cooperation as teachers and as friends, dear Julia.

Laura L. Bohanan

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