Tango Mango (The Creative Book for Designers)


Tango Mango is a wonderful book, full of colors and life regarding design. What a great way to focus on English in the design arena. It has some basics about design with a little history, as well as a good reliable vocabulary list of common design words. Julia Rybinska plays with the colors and words to help with learning the vocabulary. It was very enjoyable!

Laura Bohanan

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Rybinska J.A. Tango Mango. The Creative Book for Designers: teacher’s book

ISBN 978-617-7516-06-3

The book is written for future designers, artists and students of creative specialties. The main principles are to involve a student’s imagination, form professional communicative competence, and provide them with the quintessential vocabulary necessary for sharing their thoughts on design topics. It is meant to be a facilitator when teaching art in a class.