Stars are Visible Only at Night (E-book)


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By Prof. Yuliia Rybinska and Svitlana Pechenizka

This autobiographical book combines the stories of two Ukrainian families, and through this example it may be possible to understand what Ukrainians have had to face and what they still are experiencing during the Russian-Ukrainian war. Such as, what difficulties needed to be overcome by those who remained in Ukraine and by those who were forced to leave their homes because of Russian aggression and sought refuge abroad.
These are sincere stories that reflect the role of women as they support men during wartime. Additionally, scientific, and methodological help is provided for those coping with many psychological, psycho-physiological, and pedagogical problems that have arisen in these wartime critical situations.
But additionally, this book provides a wide range view of the many psychological issues that are facing Ukraine and how the needs might be met in order to help people across the population with their traumatic experiences.
This book is for a wide range of readers.

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