Julia’s Inspiration and Last Thoughts for 2020

Julia’s Inspiration and Last Thoughts for 2020

My new book is dedicated to the best traveling partners. They were by my side all the time; they answered all my questions and they taught me life wisdom. (Who are they?)

I am very hopeful that you will find plenty of ideas, tasks and much more for your development, brainstorming, thinking outside the box, and creative moments from our trips abroad. I am honored to share with you the best experience of language academies from several English-speaking countries. You may gain from and borrow all that I taught my students.

This is years of hard work and analyzing. It is my joy to produce knowledge and to extrapolate it in public, which makes my heart beat worthwhile!

With love and great passion, to inspiration in 2021, a wish to be creative, and to be full of zest, yours Julia Rybinska!

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