Julia’s Journeys: the Diary of Cultures


“Julia’s Journeys: the Diary of Cultures” by professor Julia Rybinska reflects a cross-cultural approach of studying English, based on the influence of culture on the language. Comparing the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the USA and Ukraine, the author provides a better understanding of specific cultural features, which is extremely valuable for each of these nations. It also helps to broaden your world outlook and minimize possible social or linguistic troubles while travelling abroad.

It includes:

  • theory + practice + handouts
  • texts for reading and listening  tasks for writing and speaking
  • games, mind maps, quizzes, crosswords, and QR-codes
  • materials for teachers and students
  • interesting facts about national features of Americans and Ukrainians
  • useful tips for traveling to the UK or the USA

This coursebook may be helpful for teachers and students and learning English at schools, universities or individually. It also will be useful for those who are interested in country studies.

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