English in Medicine



This course would be aimed at doctors and medical students who have completed at least two years of medical study. Some knowledge of clinical medicine would be assumed.

The course is taught by experienced and qualified English language teacher professor Julia Rybinska.

Language level

  • Intermediate to early advanced
  • The Council of Europe’s Common European Framework levels B2 to C1 (IELTS 5.5-7.5, TOEFL 87-114)
  • Please note that this course is not suitable for those at elementary level.

Participants and entry requirements

This course would be for doctors and medical students who have completed at least two years of medical study. Some knowledge of clinical medicine is assumed. The course would be especially recommended for those planning to do courses or clinical attachments in an English-speaking country.

Course description

The course, which is taught by experienced and qualified English language teachers, is designed to help doctors and medical students develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English. It aims to give these participants the opportunity to learn specialised vocabulary and expressions, to activate passive vocabulary, to learn the English pronunciation of medical terms and to increase fluency and confidence in using English in professional contexts.

Activities during the course may include:

  • listening to off-air medical programmes and website videos and completing a variety of tasks.
  • reading and summarising medical journal articles
  • group discussion of case problems, ethical questions, etc.
  • practice of the vocabulary and grammatical structures used in history taking, clinical examination and case presentation
  • writing case reports and short summaries
  • preparation and presentation of short talks
  • pronunciation practice
  • working with computerised medical case problems.

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4 weeks

Weekly study

4 hours

100% online

Learn at your own pace

What will you achieve?

Apply language skills to a range of healthcare contexts and situations. For example: using adjectives to describe symptoms, using vocabulary related to problems/solutions and causes/effects

Interpret different genres typical of healthcare, including instructions, notes, reflective journals, registration forms

Collect and record medical information by reading and listening for specific information

Identify suitable communication modes for different professional situations, for example when giving instructions to patients

Reflect on your learning, and practice writing a reflective journal. Apply language skills to evaluate your experiences

Explore new vocabulary and terminology relating to healthcare


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